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Before my CliftonStrengths journey began, I was an overwhelmed military spouse of 14 years. I loved our service-rooted life but I struggled to find my own identity. I struggled with many of the nuances of my personality that caused me stress or contributed to being overwhelmed. I couldn’t answer the important question of “who am I” without leaning on my roles as wife, mother, military spouse, or corporate professional as my first descriptors. I didn’t have the language for who I was or how I showed up on a team and in my relationships. 

Through my CliftonStrengths journey and subsequent coaching, I learned my dominant strengths were  Restorative™, Relator®, Strategic®, Intellection®, Analytical®. I learned that I lead with Strategic ThinkingI learned how each of my talents worked together to help me succeed, to help me problem solve, and to help me grow. 

Now, I’m clear on who I am and how my talents show up in the world. As a coach, I am a catalyst who is genuine, authentic, credible, and collaborative.  I bring an inquisitiveness about the world and especially about what makes you unique.  I will challenge you to pursue the life you want to create by engaging and interacting with you and by helping you sort those things you love and do well and letting go of those things that drain you. I will also celebrate with you every step of the way.

With 20 years as an Instructional Designer, Corporate Trainer, and Workshop Facilitator, I love helping individuals and teams make the connections that help propel them forward. I serve as a change agent for individual and team awareness and transformation. In doing so, I’m guiding individuals and organizations through Gallup’s strengths methodology so they may understand how strengths show up day-to-day in challenges and successes. Together, our goal is to help you or help your team feel more equipped and more engaged in their lives, their work, and their personal fulfillment. 


Individual Coaching

Together, we use your unique strengths as the lens through which to view your goals, achievements, wants, and needs.

Through this work, you’ll gain clarity of self and confidence of action as you design your life’s journey. 


Small Business Workshops

Often, small businesses are lean. The engagement and efficiencies of all employees are critical. So too is the need to maximize the retention of great employees.

You’ll learn how to lead your organization by leaning into your personal strengths while allowing your employees to perform their jobs by leaning into their strengths.


Corporate Workshops

I provide global corporate workshops for entities within an organization as well as cascaded efforts from the executive level. Often, effective teams are engaged teams. Gallup’s research shows that engagement can be 6x greater in individuals who lead with their strengths. Team coaching can help managers and leaders understand their team while helping their team understand each other. 


Curious what your CliftonStrengths report might look like? Check out this sample report.

What is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach?

Gallup says that 1 in 33 million people share your top 5 CliftonStrengths Talent Themes in the same order. You ARE unique. 

As a guide in your strengths journey, working with a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach can elevate your understanding of your talents. Together, you can lean on your coach to help you use your talents – those things that bring you joy – to evaluate opportunities, define goals, design solutions to challenges, and celebrate achievements. 

You’ll be surprised to see all the ways your own personal talents show up in your life from relationships with family and friends, to co-workers, to neighbors. It’s everywhere, it’s part of who you are.

 Learning your talents and working with a strengths coach provides a unique opportunity to invest in specific talents to grow your talent into a strength – in a way only you can do. 


Meet Jen

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here.

When I earned a degree in business psychology nearly 25 years ago, I had no idea that I’d one day use that degree for a career rooted in strengths-based psychology. But, here I am, living my best life.

If you’ve seen me speak you know that I’m incredibly passionate about the impact CliftonStrengths can have on an individual or a team to lean into their strengths and lean away from the talents that get in their way. Few things have been more freeing in my own life than releasing me from the things I don’t do well. Learning to embrace where I excel, instead of fixing ways I was falling short, was nothing short of transformational. I want that for you or your team, too. I believe that our talents are at the root of our identity, both individually and as a team. 

As your coach and your guide,  my role is to help you understand, harness, and apply your own uniqueness to your life’s journey. Let’s get started! 

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